can ducks eat avocado

Can Ducks Eat Avocado? (You’ll Be Glad You Checked!)

Ducks can eat avocado, yes. All parts of avocados are toxic to ducks but feeding the flesh in moderation is safe for your ducks. It’s best to avoid feeding them this fruit whenever possible, and keep them away from avocado trees and fruits as you may not have control over how much they eat.

Can ducks eat avocado skins, seed, and meat?

No. Avocado skins, seeds, and meat have toxic persin. Persin is like a fatty acid except that it is a fungicidal toxin that may cause myocardial necrosis. Just a small bite of avocado may kill a small duck within a very few minutes.

Can ducks eat avocado leaves?

No. Avocado leaves are the most toxic part. It causes toxicosis in animals making it very dangerous.

Will avocado kill ducks?

Yes. Avocado kills ducks within 5 to 30 minutes. However, this may be delayed up to 30 hours. Ingestion of avocado causes symptoms such as depression, weakness, ruffled feathers, reluctance to perch, and even difficulty in breathing. All these may cause the bird to die eventually.

The toxicity of avocadoes may be easily recognized within 2 hours if clinical signs have not developed. Feeding the duck some activated charcoal and crop lavage may help save the duck’s life. Activated charcoal binds some toxins in the digestion tract preventing them from being absorbed into the circulation system.

Are ducks allergic to avocado?

Not really. However, most parts of the avocadoes should not be consumed by ducks. The flesh of avocadoes can be consumed but in very small quantities. The fruit can also be avoided altogether to avoid complications or risks. The leaves, peels, and seeds are the most toxic parts that can cause death to the ducks in under 30 minutes.

Can ducks eat cooked avocado?

It is not a common scenario to cook fruits such as avocadoes. However, cooked or uncooked, the effects of consumption of avocadoes remain the same. The avocadoes remain toxic and can cause fatal effects if consumed by ducks, which may lead to death eventually.

Can ducklings eat avocado?

No. A small bird is highly likely to die faster than a bigger bird. This means that consumption of avocadoes could kill a duckling within 5 to 30 minutes, making the repercussion worse than those of an adult duck. Avocadoes should be completely avoided by ducklings.

Do ducks like eating avocado?

Avocado is not among the top foods that ducks enjoy. However, this does not mean that they hate it. It’s up to the farmer to ensure that the ducks do not get access to avocadoes or consume it in minimal portions to avoid risking any complications or causing death.

How to feed avocadoes to ducks

Completely restrict or avoid consumption of avocadoes by ducks. There is no proper way of feeding avocadoes to ducks. As much as the avocado flesh may seem harmless, it could also cause harm to the ducks just like the rest of the parts.

Avocado flesh has persin which is similar to a fatty acid but it is risky when absorbed into the circular system. Cutting the avocado in small bits or even cooking it will not lessen the effects thus, it’s only sane to exclude avocado as part of the diet for ducklings.

Avocadoes may be fit for humans and other mammals but they may really affect or kill poultry.

Alternative fruits and vegetables that are safe to feed ducks

The fruits and vegetables below are safe for ducks to eat:


Fruits like avocadoes may seem harmless to ducks but they may cause serious harm and even death to poultry. That said, total avoidance of feeding any part of avocadoes should be observed. In case of accidental ingestion, then charcoal and crop lavage may be administered before clinical signs appear.


Featured Image Credit: Photo by Erik Karits from Pexels, Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

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