Best duck feeders

The 5 Best Duck Feeders (2022): What To Know Before Buying

Proper feeding of your ducks from day one up to when they become adults is essential. It ensures healthy growth, and from the moment they are hatched, they will be able to live better.

The right equipment is vital for taking care of your ducks, and when you have a suitable duck feeder, you will be able to provide your ducks with the proper dietary requirements.

Whenever you are looking for a duck feeder, there are several factors that you should always keep in mind. These will enable you to make the best choice and buy a quality product that will serve you for a long time. Having done our research, we have come up with a summary of five of the best duck feeders.

These will prove immensely helpful for someone rearing ducks and only needs what is best for them. Each product has been selected according to specific criteria and features that it has.

The Best 5 Duck Feeders

Editor's PicksBrandOur Rating
Best OverallRoyal Rooster 5.0
Runner UpRural3654.5
Best BudgetRentACoop4.0
Best DesignLittle Giant 3.5
Ease of UseVEVOR 3.0

Best Overall: Royal Rooster Duck Poultry Feeder

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Whenever you need to save time and money when you are feeding your ducks, this is the ideal feeder for you. It has been designed to minimize wastage, and it has a rain cover to keep it protected from the rain.

Additionally, your food will not get wet and will be dry enough for your ducks to enjoy. There is an additional aluminum bracket that is usually included in the feeder to attach to a wall.

A single of these feeders is enough to cater to four ducks. It has a 6.5lbs capacity and is also UV stable.


  • High-quality material used in its build means that it can last a long time
  • It can feed several ducks at the same time
  • Food is always clean and dry
  • Minimal setup required


  • It cannot be installed at the ground level and should always be at the neck height of the ducks.
  • Cannot feed many ducks simultaneously

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Runner Up: Rural365 Galvanized Chicken Feeder

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The design of the feeder makes it impenetrable by rats and other pests. It ensures that your ducks always have a steady food supply, and you do not have to worry about constant refilling. There is no waste when dealing with this feeder, and a capacity of 50 pounds means that your ducks always have plenty to eat.


  • Galvanized structure means that it has been built to last. It can withstand the elements outdoors and is water-resistant.
  • Your ducks will not be able to toss food out of the feeder owing to its design.
  • It can hold a lot of feed thanks to a massive capacity. Lid included for easy cleaning and refilling
  • Installation is easy, and it can also be mounted to a wall


  • Supplies needed for mounting the feeder are not included.
  • The design would do with some improvements

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Best Budget: 25Lb Outdoor Rainproof Galvanized Chicken Feeder

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When you need a feeder that is both spill and rain-proof, this is the suitable feeder for your needs. With a capacity of 25 lbs, it is capable of holding as much food as your ducks need.

It also features a design that will deter wild birds and rodents from stealing or contaminating the feed. This way, you are also able to save money with the feeder. All the installation hardware is included when you purchase this feeder, and you will find it to be relatively easy to use.


  • Ideal for all types of feed
  • Easy installation
  • Huge capacity, which means that it can feed more ducks for longer


  • The 3-inch opening might seem to be small for some ducks
  • The drilled holes might percolate water which can make your feed wet
  • You might have some problems using pellets as the feed for this feeder. Crumbles are better suited as they will not leak from the bottom of the feeder.

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Best Design: Little Giant Plastic Hanging Poultry Feeder

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In terms of design, this is absolutely the best poultry feeder and ideal for your ducks. It is ideal for use outdoors and will easily hold as much as 22 pounds of feed.

It also features an anti-scratch vane design which is intended to control overcrowding and ensure that your ducks feed in an orderly manner. This way, they will be less spillage and, as a result, minimized wastage of feed.

This is very important for your ducks as they will have more to eat and will rarely overcrowd, especially when they are feeding outdoors.


  • Adjustable flow. An adjustable feed level lets you determine the feed rate you will be using for your ducks.
  • The material that makes this feeder is impact-resistant plastic that will not corrode or rust.
  • An optional cover ensures that your feed is always kept dry and safe from elements of weather
  • The circular design of the feeder means that many ducks can comfortably feed simultaneously without overcrowding or jostling for space.


  • Lid has to be purchased separately
  • Can also be hard to clean due to the slots

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Ease of Use: VEVOR Galvanized Poultry Feeder

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The feeder features 30 lbs of feed capacity, so you do not have to keep adding the feed several times a day. This will leave you with enough time for other things while ensuring that your ducks are well fed.

A galvanized steel finish is water-resistant and will last you a long time outdoors. This means that you do not need to worry about the duck feeder rusting and breaking down after being used outdoors for an extended time. It comes with ready holes to allow for an easier wall mount.


  • Ease of use: The feeder is very easy to install and use. The refilling process is also easy, and a semi-closed design ensures that feed does not spill to the ground. As such, you can quickly reduce wastage and spills.
  • Time-saving: The lid is easy to open and makes it easier to clean the feeder. You will spend less time refilling the feeder.
  • A convenient wall mount makes the installation much more straightforward.


  • The mounting process can be a challenge to some people, and accessories must be purchased separately.

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What to consider before buying duck feeders

Size of your flock

How many ducks do you intend to feed with the feeder? It would be best if you bought a duck feeder that can feed as many ducks as possible. This way, you will not be disadvantaged when your flock increases.

Age of your ducks

Small ducks will not need a giant feeder, but fully-grown ducks will require a bigger feeder. This is an essential factor that will determine your choice of a duck feeder.

Automatic or manual

An automatic feeder is time-saving and does not have to be filled up daily. For a manual feeder, you will have to fill it up daily. Your choice will depend on what is comfortable for you, but an automatic feeder is always recommended to make your life easier.


Is the duck feeder going to last a long time, even when it is placed outside? Elements of weather are known to rapidly degrade low-quality feeders, and you should be keen on this fact. Highly durable materials will last longer, giving you better service.


How much are you willing to spend on a duck feeder? Are there cheaper options in the market? Your budget will be an important factor when you are looking to buy a duck feeder. Seasonal promotions and discounts are also important as they can slice a huge chunk of the purchase price.

Types of feeders

  • Automatic Feeder: These automatically resupply the feed as it flows through a controlled outlet.
  • Linear Feeder: The ducks can stand at either end of the feeder, and the height is adjustable.
  • Circular Feeder: These are semi-automatic feeders that use gravity to deliver food to the bottom. They can also feature a grill for wastage prevention and are typically made of plastic.
  • Automatic Bucket Feeder: These have individual holes for each duck to put their head in.
  • Automatic Tube Feeder: These have more vertical space to save on floor area.

How many feeders do ducks need?

Ducks usually require 1/3 to 3/8 lbs of food in a day. This should help you calculate the duration that your feeder will last before running out of food. If you have more ducks, you can use this to calculate the number of feeders you will require to ensure that they are adequately fed.

DIY ideas for making feeders at home

If you are not at ease with the available selection online, you can tackle the project on your own. DIY duck feeders are much cheaper and require simple, readily available materials. They are easy to make and require that you make use of a bucket or a pipe.

PVC Pipe

All you have to do is seal off the bottom end and drill a hole where you would want your ducks to be feeding on. This way, there will be no spills or wastage. A PVC pipe is a handy material to use for constructing your duck feeder, and getting it into the required shape is very simple.

Bucket or Bin

diy duck feeder

An old bucket, bit, or container can also be used to make a duck feeder. Remember the bucket should not be overfilled to avoid spilling grain over the edge of the chamber. You can also make modifications that you deem necessary for your ducks to give them an easier time when they are feeding.


A duck feeder is essential for keeping your ducks sufficiently fed. Even when you are not at home, you will rest easy knowing that they have enough for the day and you don’t have to rush back to refill their feeder.

Several different feeders are available online, but if you feel like you are up to the task, several DIY options, such as using a PVC pipe or an old bucket, are available. The feeder should hold the food your ducks require, and spillage prevention measures are also necessary.

With the five reviews listed above, you now have enough information about the best features of a duck feeder and what to look for when you are purchasing one for your flock. Royal Rooster Duck Poultry Feeder is especially efficient and will prevent wastage during the feeding process, keeping your ducks fed.

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